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Tech Team

It is not that we use technology, we live technology.

The technical team has been, and is, a maker of history. When you hand us possibilities, we do great things with pleasure.

Our unique selling point is that we never confuse activity with accomplishment.

We may not be the face but are the backbone of Hackoverflow Technical Society, that makes wonders happen.

Danish Shakeel - Tech Coordinator

Danish Shakeel

Tech Lead
Technology, Quantum Computing, Football, Science, Books, Philosophy, and The History of Humankind.

Ankan Bose

I love exploring, but I think my heart’s stuck on tech.
Vatsla Adhikari - Tech Subcoordinator

Vatsla Adhikari

Learning from experiences, embracing good qualities, building yourself smartly. Growth is a must. Intuitive, schizophrenic, explorer and empath coder.

 illustration credits – fernando bittar

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