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Events Team

Brainstorming, planning, and putting events into action is what we do.

No one can whistle a symphony, it takes a whole orchestra to play.

We play progressively behind the curtains.

Diksha Lamba - Event- Coordinator

Diksha Lamba

Event Lead
I am very focused, persistent, and confident when it comes to my work.
Ishika Dixit - Event- Sub-Coordinator

Ishika Dixit

I am highly focused about my work as I do not take things for granted. I never miss out on an opportunity and I try my best to complete all tasks assigned to me with zeal.
Kunal Sharma - Event- Sub-Coordinator

Kunal Sharma

I am good at multitasking and I do not believe in giving up until I get what I deserve.
Manan Kala - Event- Sub-Coordinator

Manan Kala

Fun-loving guy, easygoing person, always there to help.

 illustration credits – jungmin studio

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