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Branding & Design Team

Artists are simple people with a complex mind.

We blend technology and art to create meaningful designs, fascinating videos and much more. 

Design with style, design with smile.

Sunal Sood - Design - Lead

Sunal Sood

Branding Lead
I love creating aesthetically pleasing designs and juggling with logic. I believe that a good design is a good business.
Anurag Bhatia - B&G Subcoordinator

Anurag Bhatia

I love to learn and explore new things. The only way to do great work is to love what you do.
Himanshu Goyal- Branding - Sub-coordinator

Himanshu Goyal

Stubborn kid who is always excited to experiment.
Khushal Jain - B&G Subcoordinator

Khushal Jain

Sensitive, curious, fun-loving, and social.
Sashi Kumar - Branding and Graphics Subcoordinator

Shashi Kumar

Aspiring to be a person who breaks the cycle.
 illustration credits – omar aqil
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